Our fabrication division can design and build all types of needed oilfield equipment; however, our specialties are flare stacks, cooling trailers, mud pits and fabrication pipe. All equipment is manufactured locally. Texas Made. USA Made. Portable units are available for rent or purchase.

Flare Stacks

We manufacture both portable and permanent flare stacks designed to operate to all necessary federal and state EPA requirements.   Our unique portable units are compact and easy to set up.  Our customers tell us they love the service we provide with all our systems.  The price for our permanent flare stacks (which is very, very competitive) includes installation (which no other company provides).

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Cooling Trailers

Our cooling trailers are enclosed and designed to cool our customers’ employees quickly and comfortably.

Available for rent or purchase.

Fabricated Pipe

Our team can manufacture your fabrication pipe for all your tank batteries.