Why CeRam-Kote


Redefining TOUGHNESS

A ceramic coating specialized enough to be the best, yet affordable enough for every day applications.

The Stats Don’t Lie


If you use a bed of nails as a pillow, you might understand just how tough CeRam-Kote is.

Our customers tell us our coating is just plain tougher than the competition. And the stats bear them out. Our adhesion, impact resistance, and abrasion resistance is all miles better than a typical epoxy coating.

As Fast As it is Tough

Our one-coat system requires no primer, meaning it goes on fast and holds on tight. Extreme adhesion, far superior to conventional multi-coat systems. We get you back to work fast, with minimal downtime.

Grit Meets Geek


Our proprietary, patented formula is technically superior to the competition. A massive amount of micro-ceramic particles form a tight, nigh-impenetrable barrier, kinda like super-saturated sugar granules in a cup of coffee, only a heck of a lot less sweet.

But you don’t need a slide-rule or a fancy engineering degree to take advantage of the best ceramic protection available. Our staff of EXPERTS are available to take your call, with timely and responsive customer service and support.



So call the Experts. Our staff is as knowledgeable as CeRam-Kote is tough. It’s the perfect combination of Grit meets Geek.