Pipe Coating

The Big Little Pipe Coating Book

The Big Little Pipe Coating Book

The Big Little Pipe Coating Book is a comprehensive information resource on CeRam-Kote pipe coating application.


The Big Little Pipe Coating Book (PDF)

Internal Pipe Coating

Our new, state-of-the-art internal pipe coating facility processes tubing, line pipe, and drill pipe from 2” diameter up to 12” diameter, up to 50-foot in length. We have been in this business since 1985, and we are very familiar with what the customer needs in regards to protecting the investment of downhole pipe. Please contact us to give you competitive price quotations. We pride ourselves in our ability to take care of the customer’s needs, especially your need of quick turnaround. We will work with you to fit your deadline.

Ceram-Kote PCF is our internal pipe coating.

Product Data Sheet (PDF)Ceram-Kote PCF Information Sheet (PDF)Differential Flow Characteristics (PDF)

We have partnered with several well-known pipe supply companies. Each of these companies keeps various sizes of coated pipe ready to roll at our Big Spring Facility:

 External Pipe Coating

Our Ceram-Kote TZS has been used extensively to protect the OD of tubing since 1985. Our customers love the coatings ability to withstand damage during installation. Please call us for price quotations.

Ceram-Kote TZS Product Data Sheet (PDF)Installation and handling procedures for internal and external coated tubing (PDF)